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Solace State is a 3D visual novel about youth developing social movements for the hope of a better future in a despotic metropolis. You play as Chloe, a bio-hacker who comes to her political awakening as she seeks out her friends in a sci-fi surveillance society. Players navigate a dense 3D city that embeds political intrigues and its choices into its very fabric. In this story, you make challenging choices in a city fractured by inequality and intrigue, and shape different factions that are fighting for their livelihoods.

History[edit | edit source]

Ever since adolescence, Tanya Kan has dared to dream. For stories that bring about a better world. For stories of hope. Solace State first rose out of a desire to converse about personal roots and identities, in a world where immigration, cultural exchanges, and diaspora are commonplace. Where borders are porous and experienced differently by people, depending on their socioeconomic factors. In 2016, Tanya Kan traveled to examine political development in East Asia, comparing to her experiences at home in North America. Her interview stories inspired and coalesced into the beginnings of a 3D visual novel that highlights character growth, and the formation of strong ties between friends, values, and communities. By world-building a completely original sci-fi society, Tanya presents a tense surveillance state that erodes our freedom of movement and diverse cultural practices. Together with a team of talented specialists and developers, Solace State is gradually flourishing to life. Solace State will be a first commercial product to position Vivid Foundry as a company that encourages an audience brimming with ideas about socially positive movements and advocating for marginalized stories.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • An unconventional, immersive story set in a sci-fi city teeming with biotech growth, focusing on the politics of youth resistance and rebuilding a society
  • Unique aesthetic visual novel presentation where you find narrative built into the 3D urban environment, and "peel back" the walls to reveal the story
  • Fully-fledged characters with handpainted expressions and fashion, and handcrafted 3D environments
  • Story choices for hacking into people's biotech and social media and influencing behaviors. Gradually affect the social fabric of the city while uncovering corruption
  • A personable cast of characters from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, each with unique motivations (and even a touch of romance!)

Game support[edit | edit source]

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